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If here something is not present, it does not mean, that it is not present in general. Piter Pen
It is possible to take pictures from newspapers, it is possible to take from friends, it is possible to take from the Internet, it is possible to scan magnificent Czech cards. But what for? If it is possible to make all. The heap of the quite good pictures, which placed approximately on 5 - 10 pictures under each reference so that volume of each photopage was within the limits of 300-600 кB.
Sense of a hobby "to photograph of passenger planes" it is possible to understand at the airport of Frankfurt-on-Main. There on crossing of runways is a small tribune, the pilgrimage to which begins before sunrise and comes to an end before daylight - practically all time, while fly up and landing planes (night of flights a little). All age from babies in small baskets and finishing old women, who support. All types curious and to them sympathizer with field-glasses, cameras, movie cameras, devices of night vision... Though many (if not all) pictures can be found all in perfectly illustrated books. And so! The glamour considers to photograph of the plane in the same position, as in the book!


  To find a good picture of the plane in a Internet is not problem. It is much more difficult to find out, how this picture is maked, from what point the plane was photographed, whether it is possible to get in this point to any interested person, or it is in a protected zone, where an entrance only especially persons? How it is possible to get in this point, using only public transport? What photoengineering is necessary for qualitative shooting? To answer these questions the this section of a site is devoted to attempt.

My solar power plane
.................................................. Military air transport


Flag of Russia Moscow airshow 1999.

Flag of Czechia Czechia. Prague. Air museum Kbeli.

Flag of Thailand Thailand. Bangkok. Air forse museum.

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine. Kiev. Air museum.



Afghanistan. Airlines "ARIANA", "BAKHTAR".
Algeria. Airline "AIR ALGERIE".
Angola. Airline "TAAG - ANGOLA AIRLINES".
Australia. Airlines "Jet star Airways", "pacific blue" and "Qantas".
Austria. A part 1. Airlines "Air alps", "AUSTRIAN AIRLINES".
Austria. A part 2. Airline "AUSTRIAN AIRLINES".
Austria. A part 3. Airlines "Austrian arrows", "Global Jet Austria", "NIKI", "Rheintalflug".
Austria. A part 4. Airline "Lauda".
Austria. A part 5. Airline "Tyrolean airlines".
Azerbaijan. Airlines "AZERBAIJAN AIRLINES", "imair" and "Silk Way Airlines".

Bahrain. Airlines "BAHRAIN AIR", "GULF AIR" and "GULF TRAVELLER".
Bangladesh. Airlines "BANGLADESH AIRLINES" ("Biman Bangladesh"), "GMG Airlines" and "United AIRWAYS".
Belgium. A part 1. Airlines "Brussels Airlines", "Jetair", "SABENA".
Belgium. A part 2. Airlines "Thomas Cook Airlines", "TNT Airways" and "Virgin Express".
Bhutan. Airline "Drukair".
Bolivia. Airline "LAN".
Bosnia and Herzegovina. Airline "Bosnia and Herzegovina Airlines".
Brazil. Airlines "BRASIL", "VARIG" and "TAM airlines".
Brunei. Airline "ROYAL BRUNEI".
Bulgaria. A part 1. Airlines "Air Lazur" and "BALKAN".
Bulgaria. A part 2. Airline "BALKAN".
Bulgaria. A part 3. Airlines "Bulgarian Air Charter", "Balkan Holidays".
Bulgaria. A part 4. Airlines "BULGARIA AIR", "HEMUS AIR", "REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA" and "VIA".
Byelorussia. Airline "Belavia".

Cambodia. Airlines "Siem Reap Air" and "IMTREC AVIATION".
Canada. Airlines "Air Canada" and "Air Transat".
Chile. Airline "LAN".
China. A part 1. Airlines "CAAC" and it successor "Air China" and also "air Hongkong" and "AIR MACAU".
China. A part 2. Airlines "CATHAY PACIFIC" and "CATHAY PACIFIC CARGO".
China. A part 3. Airlines "CHINA EASTERN" and "CHINA EASTERN CARGO".
China. A part 4. Airline "CHINA SOUTHERN".
China. A part 6. Airlines "SPRING AIRLINES", "Tianjin Airlines", "XIAMEN AIRLINES", "XINJANG AIRLINES" and "Yangtze River Express".
Colombia. Airline "Avianca Colombia".
Croatia. Airlines "Air Adriatic" and "CROATIA AIRLINES".
Cuba. Airline "CUBANA".
Cyprus Turkish. Airline "KTHY - Cyprus Turkish".
Czechia. Airlines "Air Ostrava", "CSA", fly globespan.com", "Smart Wings net", "TRAVEL Service".
Czechoslovakia. Airline "CSA".

Denmark. A part 1. Airlines "CIMBER", "MAERSK AIR", "MY TRAVEL" and "Sterling".
Denmark. A part 2. Airline "SAS".
Denmark. A part 3. Airlines "SAS" and "Thomas Cook".

Egypt. A part 1. Airlines "AIR CAIRO", "AIR MEMPHIS", "AIR SINAI", "AMC", "Cairo Aviation", "Cairo Charter & Cargo", "LOTUS", "SHOROUK".
Egypt. A part 2. Airlines "Egyptair" and "Egyptair Express".
Estonia. Airlines "ELK", "Estonian air".
Ethiopia. Airlines "Ethiopian Airlines" and "Ethiopian Airlines Cargo".

Fiji. Airline "AIR PACIFIC".
Finland. A part 1. Airlines "AIR FINLAND", "blue1" and "FINNAIR".
Finland. A part 2. Airline "FINNAIR".
France. A part 1. Airlines "AIGLE AZUR" and "AIR FRANCE".
France. A part 2. Airline "AIR FRANCE".
France. A part 3. Airlines "Axis Airways", "Air Europe", "Air Mediteranian", "Brit Air", "Star AIRLINES".

Georgia. Airlines "GEORGIA", "Airzena Georgian airlines" and "Sky Georgia".
Germany. A part 1. Airlines "AERO FLIGHT", "AERO LLOYD", "Aero Logic", "City air", "Condor".
Germany. A part 2. Airline "AIR BERLIN".
Germany. A part 3. Airlines "BLUE WINGS", "Contact Air", "DEUTSCHE BA", "EAE", "flydba", "HAMBURG international".
Germany. A part 4. Airline "eurowings".
Germany. A part 5. Airlines "germanwings" and "LTU".
Germany. A part 6. Airline "Hapag-Lloyd".
Germany. A part 7. Airline "Lufthansa".
Germany. A part 8. Airline "Lufthansa".
Germany. A part 9. Airline "Lufthansa".
Germany. A part 10. Airline "Lufthansa".
Germany. A part 11. Airlines "Thomas Cook" and "TUI".
German Democratic Republic. Airline "INTERFLUG".
Greece. Airlines "ASTRA Airlines", "CRONUS", "HELLAS JET", "MACEDONIAN" and "OLYMPIC".

Hungary. A part 1. Airlines "BUDAPEST AIRCRAFT SERVICE Ltd." and "MALEV".
Hungary. A part 2. Airline "MALEV".
Hungary. A part 3. Airlines "MALEV", "Sky Europe", "TRAVEL Service" and "wizzair.com".

Iceland. Airlines "ICELANDAIR", "Iceland Express", "ISLANDSFLUG CARGO" and "Primera".
Indonesia. A part 1. Airlines "Air Asia", "AIRFAST indonesia", "BATAVIA AIR" and "cardig air".
Indonesia. A part 2. Airline "Garuda Indonesian".
Indonesia. A part 3. Airlines "Lion Airlines", "Mandala Airlines" and "Merpati Airlines".
Indonesia. A part 4. Airlines "Riau Airlines", "Sriwijaya Air", "Travira Air", "TRI-M.G." and "Wings Air".
Iran. Airlines "CASPIAN Airlines", "Iran air", "IRAN AIR TOUR AIRLINE", "Mahan" and "Yas Air".
Iraq. Airline "iraqi airways".
Ireland. Airlines "Aer Arann", "Aer Lingus", "EuJet", "RYANAIR".
Israel. Airlines "ELAL" and "ISRAIR".
Italy. A part 1. Airlines "air italy" and "ALITALIA".
Italy. A part 2. Airlines "ALITALIA" and "Alitalia cargo".
Italy. A part 3. Airlines "Air Dolomiti", "Air One", "alpi eagles", "AZZURRA".
Italy. A part 4. Airlines "Blue Panorama", "eurofly", "euro mediterranean", "Gandalf", "LIVINGSTON", "Meridiana".
Italy. A part 5. Airlines "Minerva", "MISTRAL AIR", "myair", "NEOS", "Volare", "WINDJET".

Japan. A part 1.Часть 1-я. Airlines "ANA" и "Nippon Cargo Airlines".
Japan. A part 2. Airline "JAL".

Kazakstan. Airlines "AEROTUR KZ", "air astana", "AIR KAZAKSTAN", "ATYRAU AIRWAYS" "KAZAIR WEST", "SAVAKHAT", "SCAT".
Кenya. Airlines "JUBBA AIRWAYS" and "Kenya Airways".
Korea (North). Airlines "Choson Minkhan" and it successor "AIR KORYO".
Republic Korea. Airlines "Asiana Airlines", "Asiana Cargo", "JEJU AIR", "jin air", "KOREAN AIRLINES" and "KOREAN AIR CARGO".
KYRGYZSTAN. Airlines "air bishkek", "AVIA TRAFFIC" and "KYRGYZSTAN".

Laos. Airline "Lao Airlines"
Latvia. Airlines "Air Baltic" and "LatCharter".
Lebanon. Airline "MEA".
Libya. Airlines "Afriqiyah Airways", "BURAQ AIR" and "Libyan arab airlines".
Lithuania. A part 1. Airlines "Air Lithuania", "Aurela" and "Aviavilsa".
Lithuania. A part 2. Airlines "Lithuanian airlines".
Luxembourg. Airlines "AIR EAST EUROPE", "cargolux" and "LUXAIR".

Malaysia. A part 1. Airline "Air Asia".
Malaysia. A part 2. Airline "Air Asia".
Malaysia. A part 3. Airlines "BERJAYA AIR", "firefly", "Malaysian", "MAS kargo", "Neptune Air" and "TRANSMILE".
Malta. Airline "Air Malta".
Mauritius. Airline "Air Mauritius".
Mexico. Airlines "AeroMexico" and "Mexicana Airlines".
Moldova. Airlines "Air Moldova" and "TANDEM AERO".
Mongolia. Airline "MIAT - Mongol Airlines".
Morocco. Airline "royal air maroc".
Мyanmar. Airlines "Air Mandalay" and "MYANMAR AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL".

Nepal. Airline "Royal Nepal Airways".
Netherlands. A part 1. Airline "KLM".
Netherlands. A part 2. Airlines "KLM asia", "KLM cityhopper", "Martinair", "Martinair Cargo", "Transavia", "VLM".
New Zealand. Airline "Air New Zealand".
Nigeria. Airline "Arik Airways" and "bellview airlines".
Norway. A part 1. Airlines "BRAATHENS", "norwegian.com".
Norway. A part 2. Airline "SAS".
Norway. A part 3. Airline "SAS".

Oman. Airline "OMAN AIR"

Pakistan. Airlines "Air blue" and "Pakistan International".
Papua New Guinea. Airline "Air Niugini".
Philippines. Airlines "airphil express", "CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES", "Philippines airlines" and "SEAIR".
Poland. A part 1. Airlines "air Polonia", "Air Polonia Cargo Sp.z.o.o.", "centralwings", "enter air", "EuroLot" and "Fischer".
Poland. A part 2. Airline "LOT".
Poland. A part 3. Airline "LOT".
Portugal. Airlines "Aerocondor", "AIR PORTUGAL", "Atlantic", "novair", "PORTUGALIAN AIRLINES".


Romania. Airlines "Carpatair", "JARO" and "TAROM".

Russia. A part 1. Airlines "ABC", "AVIALINII 400" and "AVIAL HB".
Russia. A part 2. Airline "Arkhangelsk air lines".
Russia. A part 3. Airlines "AVIACOR" and "AVIAPRAD".
Russia. A part 4. Airlines "AVIAST", "Aviaenergo", "I-Fly", "AERO LIMUZIN", "AIRSTAN".
Russia. A part 5. Airline "AirUnion".
Russia. A part 6. Airline "АJТ".
Russia. A part 7. Airlines "ALPHA AIRLINES", "ALROSA" and "АТ".
Russia. A part 8. Airline "Aeroflot". Airplanes "Airbus".
Russia. A part 9. Airline "Aeroflot". Airplanes "Antonov".
Russia. A part 10. Airline "Aeroflot". Airplanes "Boeing" and "McDonnel Douglas".
Russia. A part 11. Airline "Aeroflot". Airplanes "Ilushin".
Russia. A part 12. Airline "Aeroflot". Airplanes "Тu-134".
Russia. A part 13. Airline "Aeroflot". Airplanes "Ту-154". Helicopters. Airline "AEROFLOT-CARGO".
Russia. A part 14. Airline "Aeroflot-Don".
Russia. A part 15. Airlines "Aeroflot - Continental airlines" and "Aeroflot-Nord".
Russia. A part 16. Airline "ATLANT-SOYUZ".
Russia. A part 17. Airlines "Barkol", "BARS", "Bashkir airlines", "Bashkortostan", "VIM AVIA" and "Vladivostok avia".
Russia. A part 18. Airlines "Vnukovo airlines" and "Voronezh airbuilding society - VASO".
Russia. A part 19. Airlines "Volga-Dnepr", "VOSTOKGAZPROM", "GAZPROMAVIA" and "Globus".
Russia. A part 20. Airlines "GROZNY-AVIA", "DALAVIA", "Dexter" and "Domodedovo airlines".
Russia. A part 21. Airlines "EAST LINE", "ELIIP", "INTERAVIA", "IZAVIA", "ZAPOLIAR'E".
Russia. A part 22. Airlines "IRS", "KMV - Caucasian mineral waters".
Russia. A part 23. Airlines "KALININGRAD AVIA", "Kazan aviation plantе", "KARAT", "CLINTONDALE".
Russia. A part 24. Airlines "KOLAVIA", "KOMI", "KOMINTERAVIA", "KOSMOS", "Kostroma airlines".
Russia. A part 25. Airline "KrasAir".
Russia. A part 26. Airline "KrasAir".
Russia. A part 27. Airlines "Kuban", "Lukoil", "Magadan airlines".
Russia. A part 28. Airlines "MOSKOVIA", "Murmansk airlines", "NordStar Airlines", "nordwind airlines", "OMSKAVIA", "Orel".
Russia. A part 29. Airline "ORENAIR - Оренбургские авиалинии".
Russia. A part 30. Airlines "ORIENT", "Perm airlines", "Polet".
Russia. A part 31. Airlines "Pulkovo airlines" and "RED WINGS".
Russia. A part 32. Airline "RUSSIA".
Russia. A part 33. Airlines "RusAir", "RUSJET" and "RUSLINE".
Russia. A part 34. Airline "Samara".
Russia. A part 35. Airlines "Saratov airlines", "Sakha Avia" and "SeverStal".
Russia. A part 36. Airline "Sibir".
Russia. A part 37. Airline "Sibir".
Russia. A part 38. Airlines "Sky Exp ress", "TATARSTAN", "TATNEFT", "TULPAR AIR".
Russia. A part 39. Airline "TRANSAERO".
Russia. A part 40. Airline "TRANSAERO".
Russia. A part 41. Airlines "TRANSEUROPEAN", "TUI Russia", "Ural airlines".
Russia. A part 42. Airlines "PHENIX airlines", "Zentr-Ug" and "Utair".
Russia. A part 43. Airlines "Jakytia" and "Jamal".

Saudi Arabia. Airlines "Saudi Arabian Airways" and "Saudi Arabian Cargo".
Seychelles. Airline "air Seychelles".
Singapore. Airlines Jet Star Asia.com, "SILK AIR", "SINGAPORE AIRLINES", "SINGAPORE AIRLINES CARGO", "Tiger.com" and "Valuair.com.sg".
Slovakia. Airlines "Air Slovakia", "AIR TRANSPORT EUROPE", "Danube Wings", "SKY EUROPE" and "SLOVAK AIRLINES".
Slovenia. Airline "ADRIA AIRWAYS".
South Africa. Airline "SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS"
Spain. A part 1. Airline "Air Europa".
Spain. A part 2. Airlines "Air Madrid" and "AIR NOSTRUM".
Spain. A part 3. Airlines "Air Plus", "Air pullmantur" and "pullmantur air".
Spain. A part 4. Airlines "Clickair", "CYGNUSAIR", "FUTURA", "GIRjet" and "Swiftair".
Spain. A part 5. Airline "IBERIA".
Spain. A part 6. Airline "IBERIA".
Spain. A part 7. Airlines "IBERWORLD", "LAGUNAIR", "Stellair", "TNT", "vueling".
Spain. A part 8. Airline "Spanair".
Sri Lanka. Airline "SriLankan".
Sweden. A part 1. Airlines "City Airline", "fly nordic". com", "MALMO AVIATION", "NORDIC LEISURE", "NOVAIR" and "SAS".
Sweden. A part 2. Airlines "SAS" and "Viking Airlines".
Switzerland. A part 1. Airlines "belair", "CROSSAIR", "edelweiss", "helvetic.com" and "Private".
Switzerland. A part 2. Airlines "SWISS" and "SWISSAIR".
Syria. Airline "SYRIAN AIR".

Taiwan. A part 1. Airlines "CHINA AIRLINES" and "CHINA AIRLINES CARGO".
Taiwan. A part 2. Airlines "EVA AIR", "EVA AIR Cargo", "MANDARIN AIRLINES" and "UNI AIR".
Tajikistan. Airline "SOMON AIR".
Thailand. A part 1. Airline "Air Asia".
Thailand. A part 2. Airline "Bangkok Air".
Thailand. A part 3. Airlines "Bangkok Air", "Business Air", "Siem Reap Airways International".
Thailand. A part 4. Airlines "AIR ANDAMAN", "NOK", "PBair", "PHUKET AIR".
Thailand. A part 5. Airlines "Orient Thai", "One-Two- Go", "Siam GA Company Limited", "Thai Sky Airlines".
Thailand. A part 6. Airline "Thai airways".
Thailand. A part 7. Airline "Thai airways".
Thailand. A part 8. Airline "Thai airways".
Thailand. A part 9. Airline "Thai airways".
Tunisia. A part 1. Airlines "KARTAGO Air lines" and "sevenair".
Tunisia. A part 2. Airline "nouvelair".
Tunisia. A part 3. Airline "TUNIS AIR".
Turkey. A part 1. Airlines "alfa airlines", "atlasjet", "Corendon Airlines", "FREE BIRD", "inter AIRLINER", "ONUR", "PEGASUS AIRLINES", "SAGA AIRLINES", "SUNExpress".
Turkey. A part 2. Airline "TURKISH AIRLINES".
Turkey. A part 3. Airline "TURKISH AIRLINES" and "TURKISH CARGO".
Turkmenistan. Airline "Turkmenistan".

Uganda. Airline "DAS AIR CARGO".

Ukraine. A part 1. Airlines "Antonov airlines", "Airlines of Ukraine" and "aironix".
Ukraine. A part 2. Airlines "AIR URGA", "Airlines of Kharkov", "Airlines of Bukovina", "AERO-CHARTER", "AEROSTAR" and "Aerotrance".
Ukraine. A part 3. Airline "AEROSVIT".
Ukraine. A part 4. Airline "ARP 410".
Ukraine. A part 5. Airline "Dneproavia".
Ukraine. A part 6. Airlines "Donbass - Eastern airlines", "DONBASSAERO", "ILLICH AVIA".
Ukraine. A part 7. Airlines "IREN", "IRIOLA", "Khors", "KIROVOGRAD AVIA".
Ukraine. A part 8. Airlines "CONSTANTA" and "Crimea".
Ukraine. A part 9. Airlines "Lugansk airlines", "Lvov airlines" and "Marsland".
Ukraine. A part 10. Airlines "mpk" and "Ukraine International".
Ukraine. A part 11. Airlines "Motor Sich" and "Odessa airlines".
Ukraine. A part 12. Airlines "WINDROSE", "Sevastopol-avia", "TAVRIA MAC", "UKRAINIAN CARGO AIRWAYS", "Universal-Avia".
Ukraine. A part 13. Airline "UM AIR" - Ukraine - Mediterranian airlines".
Ukraine. A part 14. Airlines "FRUNZE Corporation", "WIZZAIR UKRAINE", "Yuzmashavia", "South airlines", "Utair Ukraine".

United Arab Emirates. Airlines "airarabia", "EMIRATES", Emirates SkyCargo", "ETIHAD", "fly dubai" and "United Arab Emirates".

United Kingdom. A part 1. Airlines "airsouthwest", "aurigny" and "British airways".
United Kingdom. A part 2. Airline "British airways".
United Kingdom. A part 3. Airline "British airways".
United Kingdom. A part 4. Airline "British airways".
United Kingdom. A part 5. Airline "British midland international".
United Kingdom. A part 6. Airline "British midland international".
United Kingdom. A part 7. Airlines "British midland international baby", "DUO", "Eastern Airways" and "easyJet.com".
United Kindom. A part 8. Airlines "First Choice" and "Flube british international".
United Kindom. A part 9. Airlines "flyglobespan.com" and "flymonarch.com".
United Kindom. A part 10. Airlines "Jet2.com" and "Thomas Cook".
United Kindom. A part 11. Airlines "Thomsonfly.com" and "Titan".
United Kindom. A part 12. Airline "Virgin Atlantic Airways".

Uruguay. Airline "Pluna".
USA. A part 1. Airlines "AIR ATLANTA EUROPEAN", "American airlines", "ATA", "ATLAS AIR", "Continental".
USA. A part 2. Airline "DELTA".
USA. A part 3. Airlines "FedEx", "Kalitta", "Pan American", "TRANS WORLD".
USA. A part 5. Airlines "UNITED AIRLINES", "UPS Air Cargo" and "WORLD AIRWAYS".

USSR. A part 1. Airline "AEROFLORT". Airplanes "Antonov".
USSR. A part 2. Airline "AEROFLORT". Airplanes "Antonov".
USSR. A part 3. Airline "AEROFLOT". Airplanes "Ilushin".
USSR. A part 4. Airline "AEROFLOT". Airplanes "Tupolev".
USSR. A part 5. Airline "AEROFLOT". Airplanes "Yakovlev". Helicopters "Mi".

Uzbekistan. Airline "UZBEKISTAN".

Venezuela. Airline "SANTA BARBARA".
Vietnam. Airline "Vietnam airlines".

Yemen. Airline "YEMENIA".
Yugoslavia. Airline "JAT".
Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). Airlines "Constellation", "JAT", "Albatros Airways" and "MONTENEGRO AIRLINES".

Zimbabwe. Airline "Air Zimbabwe".




      Spotting - fascinating exercise, especially for North-European citizens, which consisting in photographing of natural planes, first of all passenger. On a circle of admirers adjoins to collectors of engineering and modelling.

      In itself photographing of passenger planes - quite legal occupation. It even some kind of advertising of airline, to which posesses the plane. Naturally, photographing should be made, so that nobody's interdictions on photographing of any objects or territories were not broken, not created thus of a handicap of activity of other people or the organizations.

      For example, in Germany and Holland for spotters the greatest possible conditions are created. Around of the airports are run of bicycle, on which it is possible to approach in a convenient point of shooting, the specially equipped places are allocated, on buildings of the airports viewing platforms are located.

      On the this WEB-page is describe only the technical party of photographing, i.e. a practical opportunity and conditions to make of qualitative pictures of planes at the concrete airport. Conditions of an organizational opportunity of photographing are necessary for specifying. (But I do not think, that they will worsen, i.e. planes will forbid to remove in general).

      Naturally, first of all spotters interest points, to which comfortably it is possible to be indefinitely long. I.e. from them on the plane, acceptable distance up to it, the plane it is possible to see a good kind long before the moment of shooting. Spotters at photographing to anybody and nothing creates handicapes and the unhealthy attention does not draw. I.e. this place not on highway and not opposite to a military barracks.



      To reach very simply and quickly. The underground line U1 up to the area st. Shtephan (Stephansplaze), there change on line U3 up to stop City Air Terminal. Cost of trip to the underground on all lines 1,5 Euros. At this stop they have something such as suburban station. Rise upward, buy the ticket for 3 Euros, are again lowered downwards and sit in an electric train up to the airport. Frequency of following of electric trains - half an hour. At the airport the electric train does 2 stops: under the terminal 1 and under the terminal 2. In the terminal 1 unique place, whence is possible to photograph planes - restaurant on 2-nd floor where conducts the escalator from the centre of a hall. The review from restaurant magnificent, but glasses - average quality, i.e. it is necessary to search for a site of a glass through which it is possible to photograph with the minimal distortions. The building of the airport is located from the north from fly up strip. Therefore to photograph it is recommended in cloudy, soft on light, weather since the sun all time is behind planes. Under such circumstances photos look rather decently. The objective is necessary for shooting middle size planes и with a focal length of 300 mm. But for planes which approach on terminals, with a focal length of 85 mm, and an objective suffices for the big planes - 50 mm.

      And still it is important. Austrian-decent citizens live in Vienna. Which sincerely consider, that at restaurant it is necessary to eat. I.e. to visitors of restaurant your photographing is indifferent, and somebody from the personnel of restaurant will ask you something to order.



       One runway with orientation 041 - 221 degrees. Is more comfortable to photograph outside of a building of the airport.

      Lengthways south-west an end face passes highway Burgas - Pomorie, near to which it is possible to settle down for photographing. It is very desirable to have an objective of 300 mm. By city bus from railway station Burgas to reach to the airport and to pass on foot aside highway.

      For a case of landing from northeast convenient approaches to this end face runway are not found out (to stamp it is necessary on fields).

      Burgas airport have a museum of aircraft (to the right from the buildings of air terminal) with several natural exhibits.

      The airport serves charter airflights to a resort the Solar coast, it is essential enlarge in the last years. Flights basically in a season (May - September).

     WEB-page with the time-table http://www.bourgas-airport.bg


     One runway with orientation 093 - 273 degrees. The building of the airport is situated to the north of parking of airplanes and runway. To photograph is possible from a platform of the summer cafe, which located on 2-nd floor, if there will let, of what I doubt.

      At the same time, conditions for shooting on the side of the western end face runway are ideal.

By city bus № 409 (goes from a resort Gold sand, stops near the Cathedral (Sea club), city bus station), it is necessary to leave at the third stop behind the airport, to curtail to the left to go by a vineyard and apricot garden on the south. Approximately in 20-25 minutes you will pass in a viaduct under road Varna - Veliko Trnovo. 15 more minutes of walking, and you will cross glide path. The aerodrome is bent around with asphalt road, on which it is possible to come nearer to a fence of aerodrome (minutes of 5-10 walkings). From here it is possible to photograph within all day (the sun will shine planes of you from 8.30 a.m. before 7.00 p.m.) an objective with a focal length since 135 mm.

Features of the airport of Varna are:

1)     primary direction of a wind in the afternoon on the part of the sea, i.e. in your side. In this case on landing planes will fly by you.

2)     in a calm a primary direction of take-off in your side. And as length runway is middle long, in a combination to the convenient approach it is possible to photograph and on take-off an objective with a focal length of 300 mm.

      Assortment - the Bulgarian and European planes, serving resorts Gold sand and Albena. Similar, that each European country has the its day. The Bulgarian planes also arrive not all each day.

      Doubtless advantage of photographing is extremely quiet conditions in a combination to a beautiful nature and pure air.

     Across east end face runway also there passes a country road, but on it is necessary to search for convenient approach.

     WEB-page with the time-table: http://www.varna-airport.bg


      One runway with orientation 092 - 272 degrees.

      The airport is located in the east from city. To reach by city bus to the airport and on foot to go to the right or to the left, on a direction of landing, to end face runway. From the western side the approach to a runway sideways after 12.30 p.m, objective with a focal length of 300 mm for planes such as В737. On the side of an end face runway is inhabited constructions and road. To photograph from road it is possible, but to be covered there is no place. The road goes across glide path, therefore on conditions of an arrangement of the sun it is possible to remove all the day.

      From east side access to a runway is sideways possible, apparently, in area of an end face. Under glide part restrictions on cross moving, apparently, are not present, i.e. on conditions of an arrangement of the sun to photograph it is possible all the day.

      The traffic: on average 2 planes at one hour, basically European the countries.

     WEB-site with the time-table: http://www.sofia-airport.bg



      Aerodrome has three runways. This is two about parallel with orientation 35 - 215 degrees and 64 - 244 degrees and third runway, which their crossing with orientation 124-304 degree.

     The building of the airport is located in a southeast from airfields. In the left part of a building there is a closed viewing platform (the ticket was cost 10 czech crones). Perhaps, this is the best point for photographing.

      It is possible to approach to northeast end faces of almost parallel runways (at a southwest wind).

To reach by the city bus from station of underground "Dejvitska" to the airport. To the right on a motorway it is to pass about half an hour (on road it is necessary to pass only minutes 10. Further it is possible to go on a footpath parallel to it).

      For photographing strongly recommended to pass to other party of road. From runway you leave few, but will be considered, that to the airport you have no any attitude.

      For landing parallel and perpendicular runways may alternate.

      Up to others end face of runways from the airport to pass far, directly to them fields adjoin. I saw these places only from a window of the bus.


      The airports of Cairo, Hurgada and Charm - al - Sheikh are located in desert, where completely there is no place to disappear from the sun (if, certainly, to not arrive here on the automobile) and frequently strong winds blow at low humidity. In such conditions the big stock of water is important. On all the day it from 1,5 litres at temperature of air up to +30 degrees, humidity of 30-50 % and speed of a wind up to 15 м/с up to 6-7 litres at temperature of air up to +35 degrees, humidity of 10-20 % and speed of a wind up to 30 м/с. At temperature 35 degrees are higher and 10 % on foot are lower than humidity to go in desert at all it is not recommended.


      Most likely, it was built by Italians. Arrangement runways same, as well as at Roman airport Fiumichino name Leonardo da Vinchi. Two parallel runways with orientation 046 - 226 degrees, between which it is located runway with orientation 160 - 340 degrees.


      Comfortable photographing during all day is possible only outside of territory of the airport.

      The territory of the airport is situated through road from located on coast of Red sea of hotels.

      The airport has 2 runways with orientation of 162-342 degrees, one of which (western) is used as runway, and east - as taxi way. The approach to runways from part of sides is not present (distance from a fence more than 1 kms). However there are excellent approaches for photographing landing planes from the part end face of runways. From located opposite to the airport hotels to located from the side end face runways points of shooting it is possible to reach on sidewalk along roads for 50 minutes - 1 hour. And if to take advantage a fixed-route taxi (cost of ticket is a 1 egyptian pound (1/6 dollars), for 25 - 30 minutes.

      From the part end faces of the runway through highways from aerodrome is situated the neutral desert, therefore, if to depart from road of meters on 300 m to desert, it will be an ideal place for photographing as ZOOM - objective, as and objective with the fixed focal length. For shootings planes such as В737 from both parts of glide path objective with a focal length of 135 mm can be used.

      In desert winds blow, sometimes very strong frequently. But about Hurgada desert is not sandy, a wind does not drives sand. It is possible to lie in the strongest wind on the ground and quietly to breathe. However in air there is a smallest clay suspension, which may spoil a photocamera. It is necessary for holding in several polyethylene bags and to pull out only at the moment of photographing.

      In case of northern wind (photograph is possible with southern end face runway) approximately before 2.00 p.m. is possible to hide from the sun under the breakages, located to the east (a side of the Red sea) from glide path. However at 1.00 p.m. the sun passes through a plane glide path, and it is necessary to pass in open desert.

      On conditions of solar light exposure it is possible to photograph in the winter before 17.30 p.m., in the summer before 19.00 p.m. local time.

      The opportunity of stay in desert of the men is determined not only temperature of air, but also humidity. Dry air in windy weather forces to drink frequently, increasing i.e. the charge of drinking water. If at normal humidity of air per day it is enough 1,5 - 2 litres of water, at dry air is demand 3 - 5 litres.

      The airport Hurgada works round the clock, and the most interesting planes may arrive only at night. And in the afternoon in succession may arrive pieces 5 Hapag Lloyd or pieces 8 Air Berlin B737-800.

      Planes of the majority of airlines may arrive the one time (one day) per one week.

     More less regularly at the airport it is served 20-30 airlines from 10-20 countries. In decreasing order quantities of arrivals planes on the countries landing as follows: German, Russian. Egyptian, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Belgian, Byelorussian.


       Two parallel runways with orientation 040 - 220 degrees and distance about 500 m between them. Similar, that for landing the one runway is used only (instead of serially). The aerodrome is located in desert. On the part of east end faces of runways through a motorway there are residential buildings. To reach from city on taxi or on foot from situated at coast of hotels (about 1 hour of walking).



      The airport is located in a southwest of city at the end of quay on peninsula. Without dependence from a direction of a wind planes landing from the party opposite to city and take off in a direction on city, at once fly from it aside sea to the right. To approach to landing end face of runway overland it is impossible. The minimal distance, on which it is possible to approach, about 600 meters. The territory of aerodrome is patroled by helicopters. A building of the airport (both terminals) are arranged so, that the review on planes is possible only after passage of the control.

      CONCLUSION: the airport Nice for spotters is absolutely unpromising. Though you also may see people, observing for planes in the field-glass.



       The good traffic, and at east wind also good conditions for photographing. Though on a building of the airport there is occasionally opened open gallery with a kind on parking of planes, on conditions of an arrangement of the sun qualitative photographing is possible only outside of territory of the airport, since the building of the airport is located in the north from runways.

      Two parallel runways with orientation 070 - 250 degrees and distance between them of 200 meters. And the one runway is perpendicular it with orientation 180 - 360 degrees.

      On crossing of these runways there is a special platform for photographing (planes should come on landing from the west or the north - south). From a building of the airport to approach to this platform long and difficultly.

It is more convenient to pass one stop for the airport (from city) on S-bahn (electric train) and to go aside aerodrome (on the south) twenty minutes. To reach a fence, to turn to the right and to go along the road, which are bending around aerodrome One hour up to a platform. Along all road from a stop of an electric train up to a platform there passes a bicycling - foot track.

      Usually two runways are used for landing (for example, two parallel runways), and two for take-off, i.e. one runway is used for take-off and landing. Parallel runways alternate for landing: planes serially may landing that on one, on another runway. And take-off may be carried out from one of parallel runways and perpendicular runway.

      Planes, which landing on parallel runways, can be photograph from a platform from 9.00 a.m before 6.00 p.m. (landing on southern (near) a runway the plane will be photograph slightly in a nose, landing on northern (distant from a platform) runway the plane will be photograph slightly in a tail. Planes take-off / landing on a perpendicular runway are better for photographing from 2.00 p.m. before the late evening. At presence of an objective with a focal length of 300 mm and more from 2.00 p.m. before 6.00 p.m. is possible to serve three runways.

      This platform it is possible to use at strong northern or southern wind, since for certain the perpendicular runway will be involved for take-off / landing, and its distance up to a platform only 150 meters. And on length perpendicular runway the platform is located approximately in the middle.

     WEB-page with time table http://www.frankfurt-airport.de


     One runway with orientation 074 - 254 degrees. One of the best places in the world for occupation of the spotters. Even ripe apples at the end of August are stipulated.

      At east wind arrive at one stop on S-bahn (electric train) up to the airport Stuttgart (cost of the ticket from central railway station Stuttgart is 2,60 Euros). To leave to the right, further to turn to the left in a southern direction and to go about half an hour on bicycle track. The objective suits for many types of planes with a focal length of 135 mm. Use of an objective with the fixed focal length also is possible, since it is possible to move across glide path is possible. Time of transition glide path is 6.00 p.m. To photograph it is possible from sunrise up to sunset.

      At the western wind to reach on S-bahn (electric train) to the airport Stuttgart (cost of the ticket from central railway station Stuttgart is 2,60 Euros). To pass in east direction on bicycle track along a fencing of the airport about one hour up to east end face runway. Not reaching an end face under runway there is an autofoot tunnel, to which can take advantage to pass on a point of photographing at position of the sun before 6.00 p.m. After 6.00 p.m. it is necessary to go in end face runway. Through a highway there is a corn field, from which it is very convenient to photograph even an objective with focus of 135 mm.

      On a building of the airport there is a viewing platform (cost of entrance is 2 Euros). The sun begins to cover runway on the side of a platform from 6.00 p.m. However, up to this time it is possible to photograph planes on taxi (if the plane will substitute the appropriate side).



      Two parallel runways with orientation 130 - 310 degrees and distance between them about 1,3 kms.

      Travel from last station of underground KOBANYA by the bus (on it is drawn airplane) up to final stop Ferihegy-2. Time in a way - about half hour. At trip to the underground mean, that on each line of the underground the new ticket is punched.

      On a roof of airport Ferihegy-2 there are 2 terraces: at the left and on the right, with which it is possible to photograph. The entrance on each terrace separately and admission fee 250 Hungarian forints (1 Euro).

    2 runways are parallel each other and located with displacement and faces. One runway is used for landing, and another for take-off. The building of the airport with terraces is located between end faces runways. I.e. any trip plane, which landing and take-off, passes by terraces. Such plane will be covered by the sun on the side of terraces from dawn before 2.00 p.m. However, the planes at terminals will be covered before 6.00 evenings.

      The right terrace is angular. It "looks" at northwest and northeast. Those planes, which stand in a northeast part, will be covered by the sun from 10.00 a.m. up to a sunset. At the same time from the right terrace it is possible to photograph and planes, which are in a northwest part, i.e. the most preferable mode of photographing at airport Ferihegy-2 from the right terrace with from dawn up to a sunset.

      But, if you have appeared at the airport of hour at 2.00 p.m., and the plane is opposite to the left terrace, with right terrace it can be photographed only in a tail. Further it may taxi on take-off on left (southwest) runways.

      The planes at the terminals, it is possible to photograph objectives with a focal length of 50-85 mm, on taxi by terraces - 100 - 200 mm, for airplanes, which are on northeast runways, is necessary objective with a local length 300-400 mm.

      It is possible to pass on an arable land to east end face of this runways, and big planes (В767) it is possible an objective with a focal length not less than 300 mm to photograph above runway. This runway is below a level of surface, and on its sides high trees grow. Therefore it is better to pass to east glide path. On foot it will borrow 1 hour from a building of the airport or from the previous stop of the bus (but it is better to go from a building of the airport, though and the big garden is necessary to bypass). Picturesque farmland with deers and partridges. It is possible to pass on a country road further to the east lengthways glide path. There across glide path there passes a motorway with trees. This is the most comfortable place for shootings even an objective with focus of 200 mm. To photograph it is possible from both sides glide path.

      To work with a south-west runway it is much easier, since its end face is near a stop of the bus, and through road there are fields with trees. But, apparently, this runways, appropriate to tiny aeroportico Ferihegy-1, for landings from east direction is used poorly.

      Photographing at east wind (at western end faces both runways) is rather problematic, since the nearest approach to them is a road (on which the bus in the airport goes), and it from an end face of northern runway approximately 8 kms, from an end face of a southern runway approximately 4 kms.



      One runway have orientation 105 - 285 degrees. Photographing only outside. By city bus to reach to the airport. Also it is possible to reach from central railway station of Milan. To depart back meters 400 up to the previous stop of the bus. It is possible to photograph flying up planes from this place from 10.00 a.m. before late evening. Distance up to runway - 450 meters. If planes is landing from this party (from the west), it is possible to depart further away (on 1 km) up to meadow through road end face runway. For shootings this place is ideal. But at often full absence of a wind planes in this direction (to the west) only flying up. On opposite (east) end face of runway it is possible to approach on a bicycle, if aerodrome to go round from the north (30 minutes).

      Along a fence of aerodrome protection is goes, therefore it is better to not approach to it. Besides in it there is no necessity.

      To reach to the airport it is possible by the bus as from railway station Bergamo (a cost of ticket 1,3 - 1, 5 Euros), and from central railway station of Milan (4,5 Euros).


      One runway with orientation 176 - 356 degrees. Photograph only from street. By the city bus-express (from central railway station) to reach to the airport. To photograph with airport land side (northern end face runway) since early morning till 1.00 p.m. For flying up planes is necessary the objective with a focal length of 300 mm, for landing airplanes is necessary objective with a focal length of 150 - 200 mm. After 1.00 p.m. it is possible to cross glide path on a motorway in city, but a place for photographing too not comfortable. In Linate landing only little and middle size the European planes.

      To reach it is possible by the bus from central railway station of Milan (2 Euros).


      Two parallel runways with orientation 169 - 349 degrees and distance between them of 300 meters. Runways for landing and take-off it is alternate.

      The most comfortable photographing it is from a building of the airport (regular lines it is the most distant and big building. It is a final stop of city buses. From a building of the airport it is possible to approach on southern end faces runways only on a motorway. On foot it is impossible, since all is fenced. But if it will be possible to approach, to glide path it is possible to approach much closer, than it is from a point of photographing in a building of the airport. Taking into account that runways for landing alternate, to catch the desirable plane in an objective of the camera is a case of good luck. The plane may landing on distant in relation to the photographer a runway, but at the airport to approach close on the photographer, which located in a building.

      Northern end faces runways leave to a building of the airport. It is charter airlines. It is the first stop of the city bus at the airport Milan - Malpensa. Second (last) stop is a building of scheduled airlines.

      From a building of the airport - charter airlines can be photographed (not comfortably) landing (from the north) planes till 12.00. Flying up planes pass too highly. Glide path to pass it is problematic - everywhere is a wood.

      In the summer the sun ascends at 6.00 a.m., and cross of glide path the sun occurs about 12.00h. Up to this time from a building of the airport it is possible to photograph at the first o'clock after sunrise in any position of the plane, later - on taxi the covered side. On a building of air terminal it is possible to move within the limits of 150 meters. Glasses is tone. It is necessary to avoid at photographing patches of light from glasses on the opposite party of a building.

      Distance from a point of photograph to the nearest runway is a 650 meters, up to a taxiway is a 500 meters. Qualitative pictures to receive it is possible, but it is difficult because of low light exposure owing to tone glasses.

      The traffic is quite good. Planes are from all world, but not each day. It is convenient to spend the night on soft armchairs, at night of passengers practically is not present.

      To reach to the airport it is possible by the bus from central railway station of Milan (the ticket 4,5 - 5,5 Euros).

     WEB-page with the time-table of airports Linate and Malpensa



      Two parallel runways with orientation of 162-342 degrees and to them almost perpendicular runway with orientation of 70-250 degrees.

      The unique pleasure spotter is that the building of the airport is in the south from airfield. On it all pleasures come to an end. The unique place, whence this most the airfield is visible, is a cafe in the left part of a building (the international airlines). The objective is necessary as a minimum with a focal length of 300 mm, since distances very big.

      Approaches to southern and western to end faces runways very heavy, to go far, on highway, and visibility of the plane at the moment of photographing is very much limited.

      At a weak wind the direction of take-off and landing runways may vary during of day and all this is unpredictable.

      At a weak wind or in a calm primary directions of flight are: landing from the north on both runways, take-off from perpendicular runway is to the west direction.

      To reach the airport is the cheapest from railway station Tiburtina. It is twice cheaper (about 5 euros), than to reach on the express train from central railway station Termini. Up to Tiburtina from Termini some stops by the underground.

      To northern end face of the western runway it is possible to reach by the local bus from airport Fiumichino. This bus passes by the western end face of a single runway, but prospects here any. Through road from aerodrome there is a wide massif of pines and to approach close to glide path it is not obviously possible.

      To northern end face of east runway it is possible to reach from central railway station Termini by a local electric train in direction town Chivitavekhia. Railways cross glide path of east runway, surface here semivillage with fields, railway station rather near from end face runway, and in case planes will come on landing here, this point may be considered as the best for photographing.

     WEB-page with the time-table




      Airport Tivat has no favour spotters owing to low traffic. But it is very conveniently located in relation to stops of public transport (bus).

      Planes come to landing from the southern side and are frequently well visible from beaches of Budva. Planes fly up basically to the north, is rare - to the south. Airlines basically, Russian and Yugoslavian, it is rare - 1-2 planes per day - West-European.

      From the southern side on each side glide path glades are located. Glades are closed from different directions by vegetation. Glades are located on distance of 100-150 meters from glide path. Pass to these glades from road Budva - Tivat free, on footpaths. It is very important, as the runway is surrounded with impassable prickly thrickets and to bypass it on perimeter in case of need it is completely impossible.

      To pass on these glades from side Budva (from a southern direction), it is necessary to ask to stop the bus driver before (or at once for) turn to city Kotor. To go from Budva it is possible by any bus in a direction to city of Tivat or city Kotor. The price of the bus ticket is 2,5 euros. Glide path in this place crosses road Budva - Tivat, and pass to glades will be seen on the side of road. East glade is located after turn to Kotor, the road on distance of 50 meters. To get on the western glade, it is necessary to pass from turn of road to city Kotor back 150 meters by autorefuelling and to turn to the right from road on 50 meters. The sun crosses a plane glide path at 12.00.

      The western glade is convenient for photographing planes on a background of mountains.

      To pass to northern side of a runway (from the side of city Tivat), it is necessary to go by bus in a direction only to Tivat and to ask to stop bus near the airport. At once the the airport there is an open area, whence it is convenient to photograph flying up planes (before 12.00 a.m.). If to go further along a runway (in northern direction), it is possible to bypass on asphalt road a runway on the right. Here is located the coast of a gulf, in which it is possible to bathe and thus to photograph flying up planes on a background of mountains. If to go along a runway (in a southern direction) on the same asphalt road all time adhering to the left side it is possible to leave on wood place, which is located approximately opposite to middle glide path. From this place the building of the airport and middle glide path are well visible. From this place it is convenient to photograph planes on glide path on start or run. Distance from this place to a building of the airport on road around of a runway approximately 3 kilometers. From a building of the airport up to a stop of the bus in city Tivat to go approximately 50 minutes on foot. To sit on the bus following to Budva or Kotor, it is unessential to go to Tivat. The bus can be stopped on road, and the ticket to buy at the driver. It even is cheaper.

Example of picture: photographing on middle of glide path, after 12.00, is located to reference: "MONTENEGRO AIRLINES" Fokker100.



       Two parallel runways with orientation 080 - 260 degrees and distance between them about 1 km.

      To photograph from a building of the airport (cafe op the ) it is technically possible, since 12.00h. About other aspects of photograph it is better to take an interest at a policeman.

      Two parallel runways, western glide path which pass over highway Bucharest - Ploeshti on which the bus takes you in the airport from Bucharest. If the plane is landing from the west on northern runway, technically it can be photograph even with airport land side by objective with a focal length of 135 mm. Under western glide path northern runway through road are farmland (field), on which it is possible to try to depart in more comfortable point far away from road. It is possible, that the same technical picture is at the western end face of a southern runway.

      The approach to east end faces runways from a building of the airport is impossible (very far).

      Rough traffic: 1,5 planes at one o'clock, basically the nearby countries.


     BRATISLAVA M.R. Shephanik

      Two runways with orientation 40 - 220 degrees and 132 - 312 degrees.

      It is the easiest to photograph from the place about building of the airport: on the right and at the left, if, certainly there have not put the second fence. At absence of a wind landing approach may be on any runway from any party. To reach on foot up to end faces of runways very far and to go it is necessary on highway.

      Rough traffic: 1 plane at one o'clock, basically the European countries.



       Name-day of heart is a holiday of the heart of spotter. As well as on any holiday moderation, modesty and accuracy is a pledge of reception of the maximal pleasure and a plenty of qualitative photos, including such as Saab340 and EMB110.

       To approach under end faces of runways it is possible on a foot path. Large planes can be photographed even an objective with a focal length of 85 mm. The police (civil Guards) passes by you rather regularly, but if in this moment to not stand with the open camera on a naked breast and barefoot, to you at all will not pay attention. If you have noticed, it is possible to try quiet step to leave, as well as tens citizens strolling on this path, pretending, that you one of these citizens and have casually photographed the plane during walk. At worst you should show a x-copy of the passport, to be started up in long conversations and thus, probably, to pass some deficiencies flying by past. Photographing of passenger planes in Spain is completely legally, and if you will be engaged in it from a building of the airport, to you in this occasion nobody will not approach in general.

      Lacks: for landing are used two runways, which alternate. Distance between their end faces is the 25 minutes on foot. It is possible, that a primary direction of landing approach is from the east. This is most favorable direction. A direction of landing approach are may change. In this case it is better to wait, when it will change again, or, if the focal length of an objective allows (not less than 400 mm) can to try photographing on take-off. Since to bypass aerodrome on the part of the sea it is impossible (the running river from the sea crosses), and to bypass on the part of a land very far, about 3 hours. As, when you will come to the western end faces, a direction of landing approach may change again.

      To reach is very simply. From central railway station Barcelona - Sants it is two stops in a direction of the airport. A direction you look on a platform on the telemonitor, i.e. from one platform of a train leave in different directions. Cost of the ticket - 1,3 Euros. The stop refers to as El Prat de Llobregat. Further in a southeast direction you cross all city, leave on the foot path conducting around of east end faces of runways to sea. From railway station El Prat de Llobregat up to an end face of the nearest runway 1 hour of the pedestrian course, up to an end face following runway - 1 hour of 25 minutes on the same foot path.


      Apparent absolutely unpromising for spotters, if to take in attention an arrangement of take-off and landing runways one by one and in distance between them there is less kilometer, what distance it is necessary to overcome, bypassing aerodrome, in case of change of a direction of take-off - landings, this airport may serve as a sample of interaction between authorities and spotters. Some affliction delivers pass on aerodrome of the plane of the Israeli airline. In this half an hour spotters figures should not stick out close runway. Certainly, it is not distributed to a building of the airport, from which it is possible to photograph everything free.

      So: Madrid - Barajas. Simply inconceivable set of the blessings and convenience for spotters. From one of junctions of underground Nuevo Ministerio for 1 Euro you reach to end station of this underground Madrid palace - Barajas. Time in a way is 12-15 minutes. After an output on a surface you move on sidewalk downhill in a northeast direction 7-10 minutes to the big bed behind, after which move on the left, and through 200 meters start an ascention on a hill along a highway conducting in the tunnel under aerodrome. To be mistaken it is impossible. A way specify figures of spotters and planes. Only do not take a great interest. For the bridge, taking place meters in 20 from a tunnel to come it is impossible. But on a hill in front of this bridge it is a liked place for spotters. Before you planes move on taxi path. Though from landing, though on take-off, the plane all the same will pass before you. Lack it is not too good review. On the right is low building, direct is low tree, at the left is a grid of a fence. However, the plane is seen completely even in the most bad position, even the longest А340-600 or В777-300 by length of 75 meters. For shooting middle long planes can to use objective with a focal length of 200 mm.

      To photograph on camera or video it is possible free except for time, when taxi the Israeli plane. A quarantine zone it is half an hour prior to the beginning and minutes 10-15 after the ending taxi. At this time on a hill there is a security of the airport, which problem is maintenance of its safety, but that spotters at this time it was not boring, check passports.

      Therefore be for the beginning you reserved by the time-table of flights and find out borders of a quarantine zone. Time-tables are at the airport. This is a station of the underground before Barajas. At the time of quarantine zone is possible quietly and with decent quality to photograph through glasses of cafe, which is on the centre of the third floor of the terminal № 2 of Madrid airport Barajas. By you will pass all planes following in the international sector (the Terminal № 3) and many Spanish planes inkings airlines. An objective with a focal length of 135 mm suffices for shooting middle long planes from this place.



      Two parallel runways with orientation 029 - 209 degrees and distance between them about 400 m. Photographing is possible from a building of the airport since though to approach to runways from the west and possible meters on 200, but there or customs house (about northern end face), or an inhabited a private sector - a place is small comfortable, or military - air base DONG-MYANG (on the part of northern end faces). In a building of the airport there are 2 points for photographing (completely legal). It is 3-rd floor at the left (corner) and more to the right of its meters in 100. But it is necessary to be lowered by a floor below, to pass through a hall, again to rise on 3-rd floor and go in a direction to the airfield (to go on a building, instead of along the street!). From these two points one interterminal space (three planes at the left, three planes on the right) is normally visible. From the left point the part of parking is visible, where it is possible to photograph in a tail of airplanes. From the right point other interterminal space is visible. The left point is inconvenient, that at work engines of airplane, which located at the terminal, current of warm air deforms object of photographing. But it is possible to photograph the taxiing plane sideways - in front. The right point is favorable for photographing planes from the point of view of position of the sun, but at take-off on a direction from the north on the south taxiing planes will be photographed sideways is in a tail. The distance up to runway is a 450 meters, up to taxi way is 300 m, i.e. the plane such as В717 completely enters in the staff at application of an objective with a focal length of 300 mm. Moving on runway planes is possible to photograph from 11.00 a.m. up to a sunset (5.30 p.m. winter, 6.15 p.m. summer). Best time for photographing from 2.00 p.m. before 4.00 p.m.

      The traffic quite good. But many planes arrive not each day and impossible time for photographing.

      Travel to the airport from city by a taxi of 4-5 dollars (on the counter). Travel to city of Pattaya by minibus Thai airlines is coast 5 dollars, travel by a minibus from city of Pattaya in the airport is coast 7,5 dollars. Time in a way is 2,5 hours.

      In middle of 2006 delivery in operation of the new airport of Bangkok - Suvarnabumi with full translation in it of flights from current DONG-MYANG is expected. By a plan - map, end faces of the airport is situated between two highways. However, distance from these highways to end faces of runways not less than 2 kilometers. The distance between parallel runways about 1 kilometer and between them is located a building of the airport.



      The airport has one runway: it is located with orientation 073 - 253 degrees. Opposite to a building of the airport railway station is located. From a building of the airport aside the western end face of runway there is a foot path. The territory of the airport from the south and the west is surrounded with rectangular reservoirs, however it is possible to approach to the western end face of runway on the crosspiece between reservoirs. Further away from runway lengthways glide path the highway is located.

      The most comfortable place for photographing is a passenger hall before planting on the plane. Before planting in the plane the passenger is in the hall about one hour. Photographing is authorized without any restrictions. Also it is possible to photograph from the bus at an entrance to the plane and from the plane.

      In spite of the fact that photographing is conducted on a direction from the north on the south, and planes are covered from the opposite side, in the summer in midday high enough quality of pictures since the sun is close to zenith turns out. The distance between a hall and parking of planes makes about 100 meters, up to a runway - 150 meters.

      The traffic makes 2-5 planes at one o'clock. About half of all flights carry out the Tunisian airlines. Other airlines are charter airlines of Europe.

The picture executed from the store, is shown under the reference: "TUNISAIR" B737-500 UTIQUE.



      The airport has two runways: short and long. The big planes use long runway. It is orientation makes 112 - 292 degrees.

      The approach to the eastern end face of runway is the most convenient. From a building of the terminal № 1 airport it is necessary to pass to the south-east on a foot path up to the plane place by a pedestal. It occupies 30 minutes. Or to pass to this pedestal from city centre by a taxi (on the right road conducting to the airport from city centre). It occupies 10-15 minutes and costs about 3 dollars. Further from the pedestal to pass on a north-east to the direction of quay. At landing approach planes cross quay (fly by above a gulf) at height no more than 50 meters. Photographing of planes in flight in Tunisia is not forbidden, therefore for photographing it is possible to choose any place. Except for quay is closer to a fence of the airport convenient glades from which also it is possible to photograph are located. One of glades is located from northern side glide path near park of attractions. Photographing planes of type A320 and B737-800 from this place needs an objective with a focal length of 300 mm.

      Time of transition glide path from the northern side on southern side about 14.00.

Picture of the plane on a pedestal at the eastern end face long runway: "SAMOLET".


The example of the picture executed from the northern side glide path (till 14.00), is given under the reference: "royal air maroc" B737-800.


The example of the picture executed from southern side glide path (after 14.00), is given under the reference: "sevenair" Atr72.


      The approach to western end face of a runway is heavier. From a building of the airport it is necessary to go on road to the west about 300 meters then to curtail to the right in a an inhabited a file and further on road to bypass airport square, keeping to the right. Western end face runway is separated from automobile - foot road by a fence with a green tile. Presence of end face runway specify bars with the projectors lasting lengthways glide path from end face runway. Distance from a building of the airport up to this place about 7-8 kms.

      Here it is possible to arrive by a taxi from a building of the airport approximately for 2,5 Tunisian dinars, (about 2,2 US dollars). Further from an end face of runway it is necessary to curtail to the left and to pass lengthways glide path above 400 meters to waste ground which is a place for photographing.

The picture executed from this place, is shown under the reference: "TUNISAIR" A300-600R.


     The information: it is impossible to photograph planes from territory of the terminal № 1. Data are received from security of the terminal № 1.

      The traffic very low. Between arrivals of two planes may pass more than hour. Basically it is Tunisian airlines, AIR FRANCE and airlines of the Arabian countries. One plane from 2 or 3 countries daily.


      From city of Hammamet each hour goes to city of Tunis the trip bus. Cost of the ticket 3,5 US dollars, time in a way of 50 minutes. The bus arrives on road service station which is located in 30 minutes of slow walking up to city centre (avenue Habib Burgiba). From bus station it is possible to reach to the airport by a taxi approximately for 3 US dollars (15 - 20 minutes).

      Also at 6.30 each day except for Sunday goes direct bus Hammamet - airport Kartago.


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